Taste the Best of Croatian Mediterranean

Amazing and unique gastronomy is a mixture of mediterranean, central european and eastern influence

Dalmatian cuisine

Local cuisine will be one of the most memorable experiences from your vacation. The delicious taste of Dalmatian food and specialties will stay in your memories for a long time, even after you return home from your vacation.

Taste the Mediterranean

Dalmatian cuisine is based on Mediterranean food, famous for its natural and healthy ingredients: seafood, vegetables, olive oil and – of course – amazing, top quality wine.

Starting with seafood, first of all try numerous fish specialties. They are prepared with extra virgin olive oil and served with vegetables and spices from local herbs and weeds, that makes it even more delicious.

After that, try mollusks (octopuss, squid, cuttlefish), shrimps and lobsters, oysters and shellfish – all these are carefully prepared by experienced chefs in local taverns and restaurants.

Delicious specialities

Also, don’t miss the other Dalmatian delicacies. First of all, the most famous Dalmatian prosciutto, tasty smoked ham traditionally dried on north wind. It is best accompanied with sheep and goat cheese, and the best one cheese is from the island of Pag – just order “Paski sir”.

And there are other specialties you shouldn’t miss. Note to yourself: Peka (lamb, veal or chicken) with potatoes, Pasticada (slow cooked rich beef roast, with unique spices) and black risotto. All these are traditionally prepared, in the old fashioned way that ensures the spectacular taste.

After all these, finish with wonderful desserts, made mostly from Meditteranean fruits, like dried figs, raisins or almonds. And a shot of “rakija”, a very popular domestic brandy.

Dalmatian wines

With all these gastronomical treasures, you need a glass – at least one 🙂 – of good wine.

Dalmatia is a well known wine Croatian region, and beautiful coastal and island landscapes and slopes are home to numerous vineyards.

Mediterranean climate provides an ideal environment: long dry summers and mild, short and wet winters, with salt breeze rattling through the leaves are perfect for wine production.

The Ancient tradition

Dalmatian wine has a very long tradition with over 2,500 years of history, dating back all the way to the Ancient Greek settlers on the islands of Hvar, Vis and Korčula.

There are even findings from the ancient times, that prove Illyrians cultivated grapes in Dalmatia in the Bronze age.

Famous top quality wines

Some of the famous Dalmatian wines you will enjoy are Plančić, Pošip, Babić, Dingač, Vugava and Malvazija.

There is a strict classification system implemented in wine production, that ensures quality and origin of the wine.